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One Point, Inc., a full service business solutions company and exclusively certified Herman Miller Furniture dealer , recently sponsored a design competition for students at the Marywood University School of Architecture (SOA). Tasked with the challenge to “redesign” Herman Miller Headquarters, twenty students from the junior Interior Design class, competed to see whose concept would be judged the best. The students, under Program Director Maria MacDonald, were given a “design charrette” – a collaborative session in which a group of designers drafts a solution to a design problem  – and asked to come up with their idea of what a “forward thinking” Herman Miller Headquarters should look like.

“Our company is so gratified to be a part of this wonderful competition,” said Patrick McMahon, President of One Point, “it is vital for our community to support and advance the bright ideas and creative thinking of our next generation of professionals.  This is a great way for One Point to invest in the future!”

Some of the main factors upon which the students would be judged were to incorporate the importance of today’s ever changing technology requirements, high costs of real estate, and the desire for a company to provide its employees a creative and collaborative environment in which to perform at their best.

In an “American Idol-style” format, one-by-one, each student gave a five minute presentation of their concept in front of their peers and three extremely tough  judges – One Point’s Amanda Welman, Melissa Solimini and Julia Rudolph. With bragging rights and the grand prize of a Herman Miller Aeron chair at stake, the judges gathered to deliberate. By unanimous decision, Nicole Botsko took top honors with a presentation that focused on “transparency”. Runners up were Elana Daniels and Jill Soprano.

Nicole Botsko’s presentation showcased the fundamentals for which Herman Miller has become known: a commitment to community involvement, stewardship for the environment, and a desire to be at the forefront of designing and creating innovative products.  “These fundamentals make Herman Miller a company that everyone should want to be part of,” Ms. Botsko stated.

Nicole Botsko is a third year architecture student at Marywood University and is from Gilberton, PA. She has had a passion for design from a very early age.  To her, design is a “physical representation of an individual’s creativity and thoughts”.  Nicole strongly feels it is through this expression that she can make her mark on the community and more positively affect the lives of those around her.  She plans to graduate from Marywood with a Master’s Degree in Interior Architecture and she hopes it will help her make an impact in a career as an interior architect/designer.

Herman Miller is a 100-year-old-plus company that places great importance on design, the environment, community service, and the health and well-being of its customers and its employees. Innovative ways to improve the performance of our customers’ organizations have become our hallmark. Herman Miller award-winning furniture and related services and technologies are available through dealers and retailers around the world.

One Point, Inc. recently celebrated their 30th anniversary. In 2010, they became a Certified Herman Miller Dealer. One Point continues to thrive as a single source business resource, specializing in office supplies, printing and furniture. One Point serves companies and customers all throughout Pennsylvania. For more information, please visit

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